Kelley is an artist from Tennessee with clients around the San Francisco and greater the Los Angeles area. Her most notable and long-term client is Best-Selling author Brandon Sanderson.  You can find her works in the acclaimed The Stormlight Archive books and are also featured in anniversary leather-bound editions of the Mistborn series. Other works include promotional items for book tour.

She can be seen as art editor for The Black Piper, an official fan orchestral arrangement for The Stormlight Archive; successfully funded on Kickstarter. While living in California, her other clients include Activision-Blizzard, Disney Interactive Media Group, Fantasy Flight Games, and various art publications within the United States and Europe.

She has taken work as an embroidery machinist and sometime alteration. Somehow, she loves kayaking and hiking and desires to have days where cell phones don't exist anymore.

Software used: Adobe Creative Suite 2018 (PS, AE, Illustrator, In-Design), Corel Painter 2019, SketchUp, ZBrush & Final Cut Pro

Hardware: Intuos Pro, Mitsubishi Uni graphite pencils