Full Body Character Commissions

Requests should have character details, references, music, writing, or any other important details presented via email. krharts@gmail.com

Drawing and Base color commissions require payment up front. (See ‘Rendered’ category for other payment options.) Payments are accepted through Pay-Pal, credit card, or ACH transfer. You will be sent a simple invoice detailing your commission information before payment process. If your commission is in a queue, you will be updated on initialization of your piece or if there is a delay.

Requested details such as props, familiars, or detailed effects and backgrounds are an additional fee based on the complexity of the request.

Upon completion of your commission, you will receive hi-res files and a PSD of your work. Note: I work in RIFF file formats native to Corel Painter. These files will sometimes have layers that do not share composite methods in Photoshop. Some effects and brushes will not appear the same in Photoshop as it does in Painter and some layer types are reverted to standard which may cause the final PSD file to appear slightly different in style. You will be able to see those effects in your flattened hi-res final file. I will happily send of the RIFF files if you have Corel software!

Options for portrait, bust, or 3/4 character illustrations are available for the same pricing. If you’d like me to ship your original drawings to you, I will add that to your commission price based on your estimated shipping costs.

Drawing $90

  1. 3 digital thumbnail sketches are provided based on your request. These have 1 revision pass.

  2. A second digital sketch pass is drawn to the one selected. These have 1 revision pass.

  3. Once approved, a tighter finer drawing is done of top of the sketch, scanned, and cleaned in digital art software.

  4. Revisions requested after the final pass approval of the drawing will be billed an additional $10.

Base Color $140

  1. Your approved drawing in the previous step will now have a color base applied.

  2. In digital art software, base colors are applied to each major elements of your character. If desired, I will provide color variations of your character. Example: A sepia version, black and white version, watercolor version, etc. Other style suggestions are welcome. A total of 3 of these options are available to you.

  1. Soft shadows and lighting are still applied. This can include colored bounce light, rim lights, or small magic effects like particles, lighting, etc.

  2. Once layer adjustments have been made, your character is up for approval.

  3. Additional revisions after approval will be billed $10 per request.

Rendered Color $300


Rendered color passes usually have a longer completion time than the previous two stages combined. 1 additional revision pass is accepted during this step to fix anything that might be hard to read, small additional touches like light, or tints, or anything other minute changes in the overall piece.

Payment: If you would like to make an arrangement for this pass at a later date, you may reserve a spot to have this character finalized at a at that time when you are ready to pay for this stage. This means, if I close commissions for a time and you reserve this stage, you will be able to have your work completed regardless of my commission status once payment is sent.

  1. An update is sent when the image is around 75% complete and another on 100% completion. Light and dark backgrounds will be made available with your character.

  2. 1 Revision request available.

  3. Final hi-res and PSD files are sent.