Updates and URL

URL change

After about 8 years, I finally decided to change my site name. There are several reasons why, but for the most part, it was simply because people have gotten my name wrong due to it. My last name isn't Hart, and I feel my actual name should be more identifiable as a whole. It will auto-forward from krhart.com for a year, so perhaps that is enough time to allow adjustment to the new name.

The Master Tailor

Instead of using a half-arsed page of incomplete information on this project, I've changed the focus of the site to it. The gallery will remain, but mostly be on the back-burner. The landing page will be entirely focused to the project, with anchors to each individual update. There is also an official ArtStation in the works and will provide expanded information and works in progress for posts I make here.

I have a lot queued up to complete and hopefully will find some consistency on these updates.