I don't know enough.

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Isn’t that always the truth? I think it should be for crafts. These are actually a little old in an “I don’t know how to properly organize my geometry groups and make functional structures. I’m better now! But this was kind of before I really came into understanding 3D as something I could use with some proficiency. While trying to juggle ZBrush, I realize I’m oversaturating myself with what I choose to use to produce work with very little output for environments. It reminds me of the artists who get caught up in studies and don’t exactly execute what they learn.

I’ve since learned to better use Sketchup. While currently trying to attempt using VRay rendering for it, I don’t exactly plan on using solid renders to create environments for The Master Tailor. I’ll more that likely use the wireframes for clean drawings, and if I do use the renders, it will be in photobashing techniques for interiors or major scenes.

This was a hypothetical location to try and come up with an idea for environments. It is too futuristic for me, and wouldn’t exactly be recognizable in a New Orleans setting. I did learn what I didn’t want to do though, and I will convert the assets for this in other settings.

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