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Some quick gesture studies

The tailor character has various phases. Mostly a broken person in captivity, but there are other phases I’d like to illustrate. So here are some messy gestures I’m ideating.

In reality, the Tailor is already done. Has been done for a long time. But I didn’t really have the time to do a series of situational gestures. I realize while visually I have him down, I don’t have mannerisms or general mood to him personally that I want to know going into key illustrations. Cart before horse. Bad. But it has worked so far.

In her cups

I decided to do some character development with Angelique. Surprisingly, I need more environmental and prop elements to help flesh her out. I lost this file due to corruption halfway through. Acquired a program to help recover it. I didn’t flesh it out as much as I’d like, but lately, I don’t think I should.