Freelance work

Availability: Open for contract


Licensing is available for most works featured in my gallery. Things that are NOT available are IPs that are not my own. The only exception is if the project you wish to license the image for has already been approved by the owner of the IP. 

Example, a kick-starter for The Stormlight Archive that Brandon approved. 
A book of collected fan-art.


  • Send me any questions you have at any time!
  • Send any concerns up front. I get nervous about these things also sometimes!
  • Be thorough in your idea, along with references, songs, scripts, anything. RP scripts, screen caps, etc.
  • Send me pictures of your dogs or cats.


Kickstarter and crowdfunding projects will fall under my standard commission rules.  

All Kickstarter images are subject to a deposit.


Availability: Open

Time Management: I dedicate entire time blocks to your assignment. Usually 4 hours per day when time allows. I try to get an update out to you every 1 or 2 days. Character commissions will usually be turned around in several days, so I prefer not to allow the process to stretch more than 2 weeks. 

Documentation: Before beginning the assignment, an artist summary is issued to you before the work process with this info, along with any additional terms.


General commission process:

I -  The information exchange I get all the details from you and your expectations. Afterwards, I will send you the price ranges based on what you’d like to have commissioned. With characters, I usually do a flat rate. Illustrations like what is shown on my site have different rates due to their complexity. Once that is arranged, I can start on the work itself. Most personal commissions are paid up front. Arrangements can be made if necessary above $400 USD.


II -  Sketch phase I send over 3 sketches of the character(s) and/or composition of a drawing/illustration.  These are poses, anatomy, theme, mood, etc.  If there isn't a character, it will still be three thumbnails of a requested image.


III -  Clean-up phase  The clean up process over what you chose in the previous step. Will include color mock-up if it is a full illustration.


IV -  Clean color phase  Clean color applications in a base layer


V - Finalizing This is the final rendering pass. Would you like cel stye? More realistic? Line heavy? Depending on what examples you send over, it will clarify this phase. 


*Clean-up and color phase each have 1 revision. This is the time you’d ask for edits. The sketch and finalizing phase have 2 revisions as those are the most important parts of the process. After, extra revisions have an additional fee depending on the scope of the project.

**The finalized rendering pass in the large illustration category will get unlimited revision passes.